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About Us

After more than 20 years of experience providing fundraising services and counsel to non-profit organizations, Reach Strategies founder and Managing Director, Brad Mason, determined that most fundraising agencies were falling woefully short in providing “integrated” solutions to the fundraising challenges non-profit organizations currently face. Reach Strategies was established to address the divide between traditional and modern fundraising methodologies.

The market has shifted. It’s no longer an “if we build it they will come” fundraising environment. The increased competition for fundraising dollars among organizations has never been greater. There have been significant changes in constituent behaviors in recent years relative to media consumption and channel preferences. Boiler plate programs and dated fundraising methods just don’t resonate with donors the way they once did. The increased market clutter has made it harder for organizations to gain and maintain the attention of its supporters. With rising CPDR, it’s now even more important to reach those donors and prospects that will provide the long term donor value needed to help sustain your mission.


While other agencies continue to focus primarily on traditional approaches to fundraising, Reach Strategies’ service offerings not only represent proven traditional methods, but include the emerging techniques, precision-based integrated methods, and custom marketing and fundraising solutions that are critical to leveraging your organization’s budget in today’s fundraising environment.

We are experts at maximizing the success of your fundraising programs through comprehensive data modeling, segmentation and analytics, digital media integration, social platforms and direct mail. Some or all of these services may be the solution to reaching your best donors and moving the revenue needle for your organization. Our comprehensive program audit, ProgramPulse©, will uncover where the gaps are and identify revenue and operational opportunities.

Let our talented and dedicated team improve your fundraising efforts with the strategic advantages that are vital to successfully competing in this crowded market place. Contact us today to get started.

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